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Global warming resulting in a broad and serious impact on mypanera the environment of bio-geophysical (such as melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels, expanding deserts, increased rainfall and flooding, climate change, extinction of certain flora and fauna, migration of fauna and pest diseases, etc. ). huskyct While the impact on the socio-economic activities of the community include: (a) the disruption of the function of the coastal areas and coastal cities, (b) interfere with the function of infrastructure and facilities such as roads, ports and airports (c) disruption of settlements, (d) reduction the productivity of agricultural land, (e) increase the risk of cancer and disease outbreaks, etc.). In this paper, the focus given in anticipation of the two effects of global warming, namely: rising sea levels mypanera

Fiscal policy and monetary policy influence one another in economic activities. Each - each variable of the policy, fiscal policy is influenced by two main variables, namely tax (tax) and government spending (goverment expenditure). While the main variable in monetary policy, namely GDP, inflation, exchange rates and interest rates. Talking about fiscal policy and monetary policy is closely related to the four sectors of economic activity, where the sector - the sector including the household sector, the corporate sector, the government sector and the international sector / overseas. All four sectors have interaction each - each in creating revenue and expenditure.
The current global crisis is much more severe than expected and the atmosphere of uncertainty is very high. Society's confidence in the economy declined sharply. As a result, the world economic picture looks increasingly bleak from day to day even though all central banks have lowered interest rates to the lowest level. The interest rate is so low that it causes space to conduct monetary policy is limited, so the option is available only on fiscal policy. According to Mohamad Ikhsan, (http://majalah.tempointeraktif.com) countries which are members of the G-20 communique with him recently-agreed to encourage a faster expansion of fiscal policy at least 2 percent of gross domestic product to restore the world economy. Although theoretically fiscal policy can serve as an economic stimulus, in practice there is often a barrier. This obstacle is felt especially in developing countries.