mypanera Fiscal policy is a policy pursued by the government in order to obtain funds and policies adopted by the government to spend these funds in order to carry out the construction. Or in other words, fiscal policy is an economic policy in order to steer the economy to be better with the change of government revenue and expenditure. This policy is similar to monetary policy to regulate the money supply, but the fiscal policy is more emphasis on setting revenues and government spending. Fiscal policy instruments are government revenues and expenditures are closely related to taxes.
In the household sector (RTK), where household purchases of goods and services produced by the company to earn revenue daan consumption in the form of salaries, wages, rents, dividends, interest, etc. of the company. economic activities with the Government of the household is sejumah depositing money as taxes and receive a receipt in the form of salaries, interest, income non-remuneration, etc. While the World International is importing household goods and services from abroad to make ends